Construction Phase Services

CLJ Building Enterprises, Inc. will act as the owner’s agent at the site. We will
provide a superintendent who will be in attendance at the project site during
the progress of the work. CLJ’s field management is directed toward pulling
together all the elements necessary to complete the project on schedule. All
work will be monitored and supervised to ensure it is in accordance with standard
construction practice and the contract documents.

Jobsite meetings will be conducted on a regular basis. All parties required to
attend will be notified including the client and consultants as required. Jobsite
meetings will include a review of the progress of the project, safety meetings
and expectations, upcoming scheduling coordination and anticipated issues that
would otherwise cause job delays.

CLJ Building Enterprises, Inc. will coordinate all inspections and tests required by
local and state building codes and maintain a record of all such inspections and
tests with their findings.

Our project managers shall expedite the submission of all shop drawings and
samples as required by the construction documents and maintain a log of all
submittals and their status.

CLJ will maintain daily field records for the duration of the project.

We will review all subcontractors’ applications for payment to ensure all work has
been performed and approve progress payments and retention. Any requisition
not approved by CLJ will not be forwarded to the client. CLJ will prepare one
consolidated requisition indicating all approved requisitions and amounts due.

Provided will be all guarantees, warranties, operating manuals and other close
out information for items purchased for the client. A review will be done of
all work performed by each subcontractor to ensure it is in accordance with
standard construction practice, local and state building codes and the contract