Preconstruction Phase

What we want to do for you

Preconstruction Services

 What we want to do for you.

CLJ will work as a team with the owner, reviewing and budgeting the project. We
will prepare feasibility study including any recommendations we feel will make
the project work best.

During the design and development phase of the project, we will prepare a
preliminary estimate. This estimate will serve as a budget to help evaluate the
project’s financial requirements along with it’s time constraints. At this early
stage of the project, is crucial for our experts to put into action value engineering
options, that will save our client time and money.

Once working drawings and specifications are available, a final estimate, which
includes cost breakdowns for each trade is prepared for presentation and review
with the client. A final schedule of values can then be established for the project

Based on the needs for each individual project, we will prepare a list of bidders
through a prequalification process. This will ensure that each contractor has the
expertise and manpower requirements to complete the clients project. The final
bidders list will be reviewed and approved by the client. We will then prepare bid
packages containing trade specific information for each trade or vendor. We will
receive and review all bids, analyze bids for errors or omissions and after bid
analysis is prepared, make final recommendations to the client.

Using our automated scheduling facility we will develop a CPM (Critical Path
Method) or Bar Chart schedule. This schedule will identify the critical path (non
flexible sequence of progress) including task dependencies. This graphical
schedule illustrates the inner workings of the trades and vendors and their
relationships and constraints during the project. This schedule also helps to
identify long lead items and their impact on the project, enabling us to manage
the project and ensure the earliest possible completion date.

We are there to assist the client with all necessary filling for building permits and
variances and attend any meetings required by local authorities if needed.

Prepare all construction subcontract agreements for all trades. Establish any
insurance and bonding requirements along with the requisition for payment
procedures. Identify long lead items and initiate early buyouts to expedite the
completion of the project.

Organize all administrative functions of the project. CLJ will be responsible for
all planning, scheduling, purchasing and getting the project completed within the
time and cost limitations of the project.